Examination Process

We believe that we stand out among the sea of other Chiropractors in San Diego, becasue At UTC Chiropractic, we eliminate the guess work. Each new patient is taken through a series of specialized tests and X-Rays to determine exactly what the cause of their problem is. The objective testing we use includes Surface Electromyography, which tells us where there is excessive muscle tension and abnormal nerve flow. The Thermal Scan helps us identify exactly the amount of inflammation in your spine, which also correlates to organ stress. Our photographic postural evaluation helps us spot imbalances in your biomechanics. Our Wireless Range of Motion study allows us to compare how well your spine moves compared to a healthy one. Finally, our brand new Digital X-Ray machine determines exactly where you spine is out of alignment, how much damage there is and how long it's been there. The cost of this technology prevents many Chiropractors from investing in it, but we want to be as specific as possible and be able to re-evaluate you objectively. You might be concerned that those costs will be reflected in our fee structure, but we are priced very competetively and we try to maximize your insurance benefits.

Our unique approach of combining Chiropractic Adjustments with Massage, Stretching and Corrective Exercise, allow us to achieve results like never before. If you would like a tour of the office or a free consultation, please call us today.

Fitness Evaluation

We have also teamed up with Iron Orr Fitness to address our patient's fitness needs. For an in-depth fitness analysis and custom designed workout plan, consider hiring an Iron Orr Personal Trainer.