Chiropractic Exam & Xrays Just $39 (Reg. $200)

60 Minute Massage Just $39 (Reg. $80)

In Depth Chiropractic Exam Process


First, we will sit down with you privately and discuss your reason for coming into the office and your personal health history. After determining if we can take your case or if this is the right treatment for you, we will begin the examination process. Initially, we will conduct several tests in order to determine and isolate the problem.

Photographic Postural Evaluation:

Front and Side views will be taken of you and measured against ideal healthy and normal postures. Specific measurements will be made illustrating biomechanical deficiencies. Use of the latest Postural software helps the Doctor determine your weak areas.

Computerized Nerve Scans:

The next set of tests performed will be the nerve tests. These tests are non invasive and give the Doctor an objective idea of how healthy your body is. He will perform a Surface Electromyography to determine your muscle tension and a Thermographic scan of your spinal tissues to isolate areas of inflammation and determine internal organ stress. Both of these tests are pain free and of short duration.

Spinal X-Rays:

If necessary, the Doctor will take a set of spinal X-Rays that use a very minimal amount of radiation. The X-Rays will determine where your spine is misaligned, arthritic, biomechanically deficient and potentially herniated.

End of visit:

Lastly, the Doctor will need to review the results of your tests and determine if he can help. He must also rule out any underlying medical conditions that would be contraindicated to getting adjusted. So, we will have you return at a later time to get your test results and an adjustment, if the Doctor deems it would be beneficial and safe.